Wendell Rodrick’s ‘PRIMERO’ Collection for ALL at Lakme Fashion Week (2017)

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    After a heartbreaking debut show for Plussize fashion curated by Shilpa Chavan -Little Shilpa in 2016, this year ALL store collaborated with Ace designer WENDELL RODRICKS and came up with ‘PRIMERO’ collection at the Lakme fashion week. (Autumn 2017)

 The idea that Wendell had for the show was to break Fashion Myths for plus size. In other words, Wendell wanted to bring on ramp everything that was considered as fashionably ‘NO’ for large curves. This included Big patters and Bold colour palettes along with white shades. Although, the idea seemed great, the execution didn’t do justice to it. 

     For Lakme fashion week 2017, ALL decided to repeat the audition process for the selection of models and this time the judges were Liza Golden, Neeraj Gaba, and Wendell himself. Although Wendles’s statement after the audition was not really appreciated by blogger in the plus size community and thus this show was eagerly awaited. (Read the interview here)


The Show started with a short AV which included clips from the audition, and how this collection would break myths. Wendell has been known for having real life people as his models and thus India’s first transgender plus size model Veronica Campabell opened the show. Following that, the whole army of beautiful and confident Plus size models came up showcasing the designer’s work.

 The Primero Collection majorly featured vibrant Indian colours like green, pink, yellow in flowy silhouettes. There were asymmetric dresses with big patterns. Although everything was so thoughtful it still looked simple and mediocre. Be it the plain white off-shoulder dress or long straight kurti, they were basic and lacked detailing. In the name of embellishments, there were only big heart shaped patches of glitter (same patch on all the outfits) that in no way complimented or enhanced the outfit. It looked like a last minute add on.

  While for me the women section was disappointing, I have to give a mention to the men’s ensembles. There were just 4 male models and so obviously the outfits for them were limited, but I personally felt they were more stylish, and were pretty more than basics! It had layers, it had speck details and were more wearable.

    The show ended with Deveika Bhojwani singing ‘Killing Me Softly’ by Frank Sinatra and then finished by the designer walking with the whole league closing the show on a happy note.

MY TAKE: When I look at a plus size brand, or a fashion show, for me it’s not just about the initiative of recognizing plus size section as an important niche and bringing up a show just to make Indian curvy people feel inclusive. For me, it’s about how good is the collection? And how inline is it with the regular brands and sizes.So basically if you compare the clothes that the models wore for ALL with any other clothing line displayed in the entire fashion week, you would know that ALL still has so much to understand about the audience’s needs which is to have clothes that are trendy, quirky, stylish(and all good words)and not just of larger sizes. Plus size people also deserve to feel good about themselves after wearing those clothes and not buy them just because that’s the only option they have. The fact that they still lack good wearable clothes for voluptuously Indians is my major concern.
ENDING NOTES: Still a big thank you to Wendell who somehow managed to make the show look classy unlike the horror that happened last year. Also, a huge shoutout to all the models who owned the ramp and looked nothing less than professionals!

Picture courtesy: ALL on Instagram

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Bodysuit on Curves!

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Hi guys, Happy Sunday!! So you all probably know that I was trying to post this story since last 3 days but some or the other thing pops up. But today, I’ve pledged not to do anything else until I post this one. Although, my friend has his Cake Shop’s opening today, but I won’t go unless this is done! (I’m lying, I need cakes!)
OK, so the idea for this blog was, to try out a bodysuit- See if it looks good on me- And then tell you all whether it would work on curves? And I believe it DOES!

ABOUT BODYSUITS: Bodysuit has got a cut like that of a monokini swimsuit, but you wear a bottom over it and it basically gives you a ‘tucked in’ t-shirt’s look. You feel super sleek in it and it’s also comfortable enough, unless you have to pee. Because then you have to open it and it’s kinda weird to me. The one I’m wearing here is in size 2XL.

WHY BODYSUIT: Since bodysuit became a thing, I wanted to try one. Although I wasn’t really sure if I could pull it off. For a time now, I’ve been looking for the right one and finally found this. If you guys have observed my blog closely, you might have notice how most of my FASHION INSPIRATION come from those styles and trends which everybody thinks won’t suit the body type I own. I try to break stereotypes. I believe you should keep on trying stuff which is out of your comfort zoneI don’t ever tuck in my tops because then my bulges look clear! Same is the reason why I don’t wear high-waist denims. But this time, I tried doing both! And the result is pretty good I feel

STYLING THE BODYSUIT: Because I wanted the bodysuit to be the hero of this outfit, I kept rest every thing basic. I know you guys have seen this denim jacket for a thousand times now, but I love it so much! Also, it’s the only oversized denim jacket I own! Paired it with basic black denim and these clear aviator glasses to complete the look. The makeup was all neutral and a little blushing, because Now you know-PINK is my new obsession.

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Bodysuit: StalkBuyLove
Black denim: Altomoda (Pantaloons)
Denim Jacket: GAP
Lacy Sandals : StreetStyleStore
Bag and Glasses: Forever21




Wear Palazzo Every Time!

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      If you guys follow my Instagram, you’d already know that I’m done with my exams and was enjoying a stress free week before I get back to work, So here I am!

Many people speculated about the fact that I wear a lot of denim, even though it clearly shows my mermaid thighs. (Check out my Denim on Denim look, here. You can also check how I styled my denim with crop top, here.) Actually, it’s not about showing my curves, for me denims are my ‘Go-to outfit’ when I do not feel like shaving my legs, and that happens pretty much ALL THE TIME.Otherwise, I could wear a dress or something.So,I just though of what else could it be, apart from jeans that has the comfort and also doesn’t  brings my thigh shape into notice? And here is what I came up with- Palazzo!!!

    Palazzos are like, *hands down* the coolest apparel for me. It’s the ultimate piece of cloth that, ‘fits with everything for everyone’. Now basically what I mean by ‘everything and everyone’ is that you can pair it with everything from crop tops, kurtis and shirts, and turn it into anything from indo-western to western or even ethnic; irrespective of your size and body shape! The flowy silhouette slips on all your curves, or even no curves and adds a feminine touch to your outfit. Also, it’s an all season thing and comes in every possible fabric. So, flared bottoms for summer is a thumbs up to me!
Now for this one, I went for a complete black outfit keeping the makeup nude with bold eyes.While accessorizing the look, I added this velvet tie around choker without tying it obviously! To break the monotony, I bought in this brown clutch. You know, that’s the thing about black outfits, EVERYTHING WORKS WELL WITH IT. Although, I don’t really prefer my hair tied, but the humidity doesn’t allows you to let them loose. (That’s the only legit explanation I have for the hairstyle.)

That’s it about the look,  take my suggestion and try out palazzo for the season!

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Shaziya Memon.








Top: Globus
Palazzo: Lifestyle store
Choker: Koovs
Glasses: Vogue
Clutch: Flea market
Heels: Gifted
Rings: Forever21

ACCESSORY LOVE ft.Krafted With Happiness

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Hi guys,

It’s been quite a while that I’ve stated blogging, I’m trying to manage my studies and blogging and everything else along sides.

So, basically since I’m writing about stuff I like, apart from  body confidence and cloths, I’m inclined towards accessories. Yes! oxidized jewellery-the antique ones, chunky accessories, I go gaga over them!

Be it Sarojini Nagar or Linking road (as I stay in Mumbai), I go out for shopping to buy other stuff, I end up buying accessories! But unfortunately, I didn’t get any opportunity to wear them for my blog yet, because as they are from local market, I probably can’t tag the store and when you guy ask me, I’m unable to help much!

But then, my immense love for accessories has forced me to take time, and do a story just talking about it!

So, here it is!!! If you guys follow my space, you’d know that, Krafted with Happiness is a brand which makes handcrafted jewellery which is beautifully out of the world! The designs are unique, specially the earrings, it’s like if you just wear a single piece from their collection, you don’t have to add any thing else to the outfit! They make statement pieces, so colorful and unique!

So,here in this post, I’ve styled two very pretty pieces from their collection-



LOOK 1:For the first look, I kept the outfit simple and paired these chunky  ‘You’re my sun’ earring with one of my favorite dress (I call it, ’50 shades of blue’). If you notice, the background is really pretty, but the earrings still manage to steal the show! For this one, I went for red lips to subtle out the loud earring effect!


NOTE:Also my dear plumpies,yes, my stretch marks shows in all of the pictures, which I could have hid or edited but I didn’t because that’s the real me and I am prettier than the existing beauty standards. These flaws don’t bother me nor it should to you, for there is not wrong way to be beautiful!6E5B3249-AF3B-43CF-B9E9-E34D6FB204E1






LOOK 2: For the second look, I though of going along the whole vibe of these ‘ Rani Noor’ Kolhapuri chappals (footwear), and so I styled them on an ethnic kurti and leggings suit, where the embroidery in the sleeves and hems are totally matching with the footwear! I went for a dark maroon lip color because that’s how I prefer my Indian look!








      And guy, this post has surely reassured my loyalty for accessories, and now I know I have to add more of them on the blog,even if they are from a flea market! (Because that’s OK)

Until next time!




Look 1:

Dress-Local store (old)

Heels- Forever21

Earrings- Krafted with happiness

Look 2:
Kurti-Bakree (old), Leggings- Lyra
Footwear- Krafted with happiness