Eid Outfit ft. Amydus

Eid Outfit ft. Amydus


Hi Guys, EID MUBARAK to each one of you!! All good wishes and love for you guy!
I really wanted to do this Eid Blog Post before Eid, (Obviously) so you guys could get a little help for your Eid outfits, but if you follow my social media, you’d know how busy the weekend was. But, Better Late Than Never, you guys can still check this style, for some indo-wester inspiration for some occasion anytime soon!
Doing an Indian outfit for Eid, I wanted something that is not completely ethnic, because it’s all raining and some heavy oufit would have been a mess! The idea was to keep it simple yet beautiful! So I decided to settle on an outfit with is more causal and light but still Indian enough for the Day!

And this is what I came up with:

KURTI: I saw this kurti on the Amydus’s website, and I know I had to get it. I felt the style is so me! Being a long straight kurti it is, which I feel are the most comfortable, plus it has cold shoulders which are totally trending.
You can wear it along with a torn denim and with sneakers, it would be such a fun outfit what way too.

PANTS: Earlier I thought I’d go with some palazzo but rains and flowy silhouettes don’t work well together. These maroon pants are again from Amydus and while admiring how perfectly does it match with the kurti,I decided to pair them together. And belive you me, these pants felt like they are tailor made for me, they have such amazing fit and I didn’t even alter the length.
These pants came with a belt so you can just wear them otherwise with a top for a more casual look!

THE BOHO TOUCH: I decided to go with some silver jewellery to add a little shine to the outfit and so added a  silver choker and chain,(although gold would go equally well with this piece of dress, so you can add some golden accessories with this kurti anytime if you want) and I made a braid of the hair! Lately these Kolhapuris are my go-to for every indian outfit and thus completed my look with them.
My makeup is always light but I ditched it for some darker tones for this look! Although I’m a makeup noob, so forgive me if you thing it would have been better! (or much better? May be)
Hope you guys liked  the look, tell me if you want me to do more of Indian looks! I’d love to know from you guys! Comment below, or on Facebook or Instagram


Kurti and pants: Amydus, buy here
Kolhapuri:  Kraftedwithhappiness, see this post
Choker: Instagram pages
Rings: forever21

Wear Palazzo Every Time!

Wear Palazzo Every Time!

      If you guys follow my Instagram, you’d already know that I’m done with my exams and was enjoying a stress free week before I get back to work, So here I am!

Many people speculated about the fact that I wear a lot of denim, even though it clearly shows my mermaid thighs. (Check out my Denim on Denim look, here. You can also check how I styled my denim with crop top, here.) Actually, it’s not about showing my curves, for me denims are my ‘Go-to outfit’ when I do not feel like shaving my legs, and that happens pretty much ALL THE TIME.Otherwise, I could wear a dress or something.So,I just though of what else could it be, apart from jeans that has the comfort and also doesn’t  brings my thigh shape into notice? And here is what I came up with- Palazzo!!!

    Palazzos are like, *hands down* the coolest apparel for me. It’s the ultimate piece of cloth that, ‘fits with everything for everyone’. Now basically what I mean by ‘everything and everyone’ is that you can pair it with everything from crop tops, kurtis and shirts, and turn it into anything from indo-western to western or even ethnic; irrespective of your size and body shape! The flowy silhouette slips on all your curves, or even no curves and adds a feminine touch to your outfit. Also, it’s an all season thing and comes in every possible fabric. So, flared bottoms for summer is a thumbs up to me!
Now for this one, I went for a complete black outfit keeping the makeup nude with bold eyes.While accessorizing the look, I added this velvet tie around choker without tying it obviously! To break the monotony, I bought in this brown clutch. You know, that’s the thing about black outfits, EVERYTHING WORKS WELL WITH IT. Although, I don’t really prefer my hair tied, but the humidity doesn’t allows you to let them loose. (That’s the only legit explanation I have for the hairstyle.)

That’s it about the look,  take my suggestion and try out palazzo for the season!

Also, don’t forget to check me out on Social media and comment how you like the look:

Snapchat: shaziyamemon97

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/paintedpump/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BTgBNrNguUf/

Until next time,
Shaziya Memon.








Top: Globus
Palazzo: Lifestyle store
Choker: Koovs
Glasses: Vogue
Clutch: Flea market
Heels: Gifted
Rings: Forever21
ACCESSORY LOVE ft.Krafted With Happiness

ACCESSORY LOVE ft.Krafted With Happiness


Hi guys,

It’s been quite a while that I’ve stated blogging, I’m trying to manage my studies and blogging and everything else along sides.

So, basically since I’m writing about stuff I like, apart from  body confidence and cloths, I’m inclined towards accessories. Yes! oxidized jewellery-the antique ones, chunky accessories, I go gaga over them!

Be it Sarojini Nagar or Linking road (as I stay in Mumbai), I go out for shopping to buy other stuff, I end up buying accessories! But unfortunately, I didn’t get any opportunity to wear them for my blog yet, because as they are from local market, I probably can’t tag the store and when you guy ask me, I’m unable to help much!

But then, my immense love for accessories has forced me to take time, and do a story just talking about it!

So, here it is!!! If you guys follow my space, you’d know that, Krafted with Happiness is a brand which makes handcrafted jewellery which is beautifully out of the world! The designs are unique, specially the earrings, it’s like if you just wear a single piece from their collection, you don’t have to add any thing else to the outfit! They make statement pieces, so colorful and unique!

So,here in this post, I’ve styled two very pretty pieces from their collection-



LOOK 1:For the first look, I kept the outfit simple and paired these chunky  ‘You’re my sun’ earring with one of my favorite dress (I call it, ’50 shades of blue’). If you notice, the background is really pretty, but the earrings still manage to steal the show! For this one, I went for red lips to subtle out the loud earring effect!


NOTE:Also my dear plumpies,yes, my stretch marks shows in all of the pictures, which I could have hid or edited but I didn’t because that’s the real me and I am prettier than the existing beauty standards. These flaws don’t bother me nor it should to you, for there is not wrong way to be beautiful!6E5B3249-AF3B-43CF-B9E9-E34D6FB204E1






LOOK 2: For the second look, I though of going along the whole vibe of these ‘ Rani Noor’ Kolhapuri chappals (footwear), and so I styled them on an ethnic kurti and leggings suit, where the embroidery in the sleeves and hems are totally matching with the footwear! I went for a dark maroon lip color because that’s how I prefer my Indian look!








      And guy, this post has surely reassured my loyalty for accessories, and now I know I have to add more of them on the blog,even if they are from a flea market! (Because that’s OK)

Until next time!




Look 1:

Dress-Local store (old)

Heels- Forever21

Earrings- Krafted with happiness

Look 2:
Kurti-Bakree (old), Leggings- Lyra
Footwear- Krafted with happiness

Color block: My take!

Color block: My take!


Hi guys, how is everyone? Like tell me for real! I really love when my followers come up and initiate a conversation! I am fine too, just somehow made through the week!  You don’t really feel like doing other stuff when you have exams going on( Yes, I told you I will crib).
There is a story behind this look which I am sharing with you guys, so basically when I went birthday shopping last month ( if you guys remember, February is my birthday month). So while I was just checking out Coverstory collection, my eyes met this frill peplum sheer top. Of course I picked it up without another thought. But when I tried it on and showed it to my mum, she told me one thing which she say everytime when I buy something, and that is,”Again Black?”. So that was the moment I decided to pen down a Color Block post!

  Color block is basically when you add a piece of some solid color on otherwise black/white or subtle outfit making it the center of attraction. Color blocking is really very fun at  times!
And this is how eventually I styled the whole outfit:
 THE TOP: Reason why I decided to do a post with this top are many. Firstly,looking at it from a plus size perspective, because it’s a peplum top, which has frills, the frills cover your belly, making you look flatter on the abdomen.Also, it’s sheer, so totally brezzy for summers! And it is an embroidered patch, so for someone like me who has an eye for details, this is win win top!
THE BOTTOM: Denim with raw hems is so in-trend this season and I had to get one! Also, the fish new stockings is my current obsession! Hence,choosing the bottoms was an easy job!
THE COLOR BLOCK: Because the top had an embroidery in red and pink, I used only those shades for blocking. So, I added that red belly shoes, pink sling, red lipstick, pink acid reflectors and that little bindi for the effect!  For you can even just add one single statement piece in your color block outfit too!
   Just realised, how this tiny bindi on my forehead can give this whole look a passive Indian touch. That’s the beauty of Indian culture! And I am totally loving it
  A STYLE NOTE: Peplum top is really a great option if you want to make your belly less visible, because the silhouette covers the side bulges in a very beautiful way!!
 Shaziya Memon.









Top: Cover/story
Denim: Zara
Fishnet Stocking: SRstore (Instagram)
Belly: Gifted
Sling: Dubai (gifted)
Summer Vibes in Floral jumpsuit!

Summer Vibes in Floral jumpsuit!


           Hie guys!! How is everyone out there? Yes, I’m doing just fine! First of all, thank you sooooooo much for all those wonderful birthday wishes on Instagram and Facebook. It feels so great that in such little time you people have accepted me and my blog with open arms. Thank you so much all of you who actually take time and read my blog. You guys have no idea how grateful I am.

       So it’s my birthday week, the party is still not over.Also, I have my internal exams( I’m going to crib about it for a long time now) and a couple of shoots undone. But you can always take out time for things you love! And when it comes to blogging,I can give no excuse.

Okay, now finally coming on to this outfit, the whole idea about this post is to bring in summer vibes by wearing floral because SPRING IS COMING ( pathetic joke, I know! but I’m a GOT fan and I can’t help saying that) and it’s all going to be about flowers and colors,  yet I’m still keeping the whole look simple because winter is still here for us and so bidding farewell to it with all those subtle shades in the background.

   I’m always very confident about jumpsuits because you don’t have to think much while styling them.They can fit in every occasion from casual outings to dates or even cocktails! Here I have this pretty floral jumpsuit from Globus. Added this white crop inside and white sneakers to give it an old school touch. Bringing in more colors with this pink sling. If you take a sharp look, you’d notice that I have a feather earring on the sling just to add details to my accessories.

             For the first time on my blog I am not wearing a dark lip shade! I went for a fresh pink makeup to go with the outfit and even tried white kajal on.

  You can totally rock this look on a casual summer day! Also if you ditch the crop top, which I used as an inner, you can layer the jumpsuit( Any spaghetti strap jumpsuit or playsuit) with a boho shrug  and it will instantly turn into a beach dress. (I’m telling you, because I have tried that too and it looks really sexy. You can tell me if you want me to style it that way too, I’d love to do it for you guys)

     Alright plumpies! That’s all for today. Hope to see you guys in similar jumpsuits. Tag me in your pictures and use hashtag #paintedplump so I can see you too.

Until then,




Jumpsuit: Globus

White Crop Top: Koovs

White Sneakers: Vans

Sling: Dubai (gift)

Choker: koovs

Love And Velvet!

Love And Velvet!

All right, curious about why have I named this post as ‘Love and Velvet’? I don’t know! I was actually thinking about cheese cakes and ‘Love and Cheesecake’ which is one of my favorite places for cheesecake, struck my mind; and so I just named this post ‘Love and Velvet’! Or may be because red velvet cheese cake is my favorite in particular? umm… I hope you guys can connect to what I just said. I AM TALKING FOOD! ( P.S: You are free to ignore this paragraph) HAHA.
Okay! now actually coming to the post. You know velvet is back in the game! In fact I saw velvet being a major pick for so many New year eve’s outfits! Also, the colors which are totally in for this velvet trend are all dark hues of maroon, blue, brown, olive green, etc. (all favoring the season).
So, I really wanted to try my hands on this velvet trend but now that I’m too late for a New year eve’s post, so just tried switching it into a casual yet classy outfit.
Paired this Classic Black velvet button down with my casual blue denim to get into the whole casual look. Tucked in from one side because SRK did it back then in ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’! LOL. ( P.S: velvet was a trend then).  And because black and gold always make a good pair, I went for layered chain, hoop earrings and golden rings calling it all GOLD for me!
To complete the look, I went from a low pony tail and these black  heels. Lastly, keeping the makeup dark (going with the flow of the season).lams3qceo



Outfit Details:

Velvet button down: Local shop (old)

Denim: Amazon

Sling: Forever21

Earring and rings: Forever21

Glares: Linking road (Bandra)

Layered chain: Instagram