3 Ways To Style An Oversized T-shirt!

3 Ways To Style An Oversized T-shirt!

So many of you girls keep asking me how do I go without repeating outfits all the time. Well, frankly that’s impossible! Special for a middle class someone like me! I always repeat outfits but in such a way that people don’t notice. I have learned this art over the time in collage. And today I’ll be sharing it all with you guys.

First of all it’s really important for you to know that it OKAY TO REPEAT CLOTHES! It’s really not a big deal and won’t matter to anyone unless you are Kylie Jenner. It’s okay if Instagram has seen your outfit, chill out! But still, if it matters so much to you, this is what you need to do….

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

1. TIME INTERVAL: Bra and Black leggings, are two pieces from your wardrobe that give you the liberty to repeat them as much as you wish! But for the rest, you should remember the last time you wore them out. For a statement top or a dress, it’s something that people would notice, make sure you don’t repeat them back-to-back in a week.

2. LAYERING IS THE KEY: I strongly believe in this one whenever it’s about repeating clothes! The idea is to MAKE ANY ONE PIECE THE STAR OF YOUR LOOK. Like if you wear a t-shirt with a denim, styling it casually obviously the t-shirt will have all the attention. But team that t shirt with a jacket and a skirt the next time you wear it(here, the jacket can be vibrant making it the star of the ensemble). This way you can repeat the t-shirt with layers!

I took an oversized T-shirt (FOREVER21 MEN) to show you guys how would this work.
1.THE T-SHIRT DRESS- T-shirt dresses are simple yet edgy. I’ve added a silver neck piece and strappy heels turning it into a statement look.

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T-shirt dress-Forever21 men, silver neckpiece- Linking Road(Bandra), heels-Koovs

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2.DENIM ON DENIM: When you do the denim on denim trend, the t-shirt inside isn’t really visible. I have done it for a thousand times repeating the same denim jacket and jeans and till it looks different every time! Check it here

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Denim jacket-GAP, Jeans-old, Boots-old( forever21), sling- Local

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset3.MONOCHROME– it: Monochrome is so trending lately. Wearing pants and t-shirts of the same color gives an illusion of a jumpsuit. So the next time you wear that t-shirt separately, it would be hard to figure out that you have worn it earlier!


Pants-Marks&Spencer, Oxfords-limeroad, tote and glasses- Forever21

Check how I’ve styled another oversized t-shirt here
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Goa Travel Story!

Goa Travel Story!

IMG_9458Frankly, I had no plans on writing this one, as I was in Goa just for two days. But, because a lot of you guys were curious about the pictures I uploaded, I decided to write everything down. And the fact is, I really love sharing details with people who actually ask for it. So here it is- THE GOA TRAVEL STORY!
I was stuck with my college admission for a month and when I finally got done with it, we decided to go out for a break, and what’s better than GOA?
TRAVEL: We took a flight from Mumbai to Goa on 25th July. The flight was at 11:30am in the morning touching down Goa at 12:50pm. Also, I met a school friend who happen to be my flight attendant and so I got a special lunch which just made my day!It takes you almost 40 minutes to reach the hub BAGA from Goa airport.


WHAT DID I WEAR: It’s a must that you wear comfy clothes while you are traveling, and that’s exactly why I kept it all basic with my regular jeggings(TRENDS) and a white top.(ONLY)


STAY: It’s my opinion that when you are in Goa, a luxury hotel is the last thing you should look for. Because, it’s obvious you won’t stay in your hotel room when you are in GOA!! For us, we have friends there and all I needed was a small corner in their apartment!


DAY 1: After the travel and the heavy lunch in the flight, I slept the whole afternoon that day. In the evening I went out at BAGA beach, and wandered around the lanes for some shopping.

WHAT DID I WEAR: You guys have already seen this Jumpsuit on the blog before (Read it here )but this time I styled it in a complete different way for Goa. Added a sheer shrug to it which really levelled up the glamour quotient. Finished the look with sleek ponytail and hoop earing(Forever21) which it so trendy currently!Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

SHOPPING: Trust me, you don’t have to go around and check every single lane while you are shopping in Goa. Most of them have the same stuff. I think the very lane before Baga beach is the best one for clothes. There you can find comparatively fresh collection. Talking about Jewelry they have beads and silver oxidised chunky pieces. For jewelry the CALANGUTE beach lane is great!

WHAT TO SHOP: Dhoti pants, Jholas, Tribal and Boho print dresses and T-shirts, Beads and Silver oxidised pieces. And Cashews of course!IMG_9274
1. Do Not Impulse Buy:While you are at the shop, you might have the urge to impulsively buy so much but DO NOT! Because when you come back home, you’d notice half of the stuff from Goa is available in your own city too. And some of them might look pretty in the shop but you would never wear such stuff too often in your daily life.
2. Bargain Really Well: It’s really important for you to understand the value of the thing you want to buy and then bargain accordingly. Because for the shopkeepers, they would judge you and put any price they feel. Bargain your heart out!
For example: The shop lady told me ₹650 for a top, I bargained and brought it down and got 2 tops for ₹500. That’s how you got to do it!IMG_9272

DAY 2: The second day we went Anjuna beach which is some 20 minutes ride from Baga. We had lunch at Curlies, and then covered a few more places and churches, and came back to Baga again before leaving for the airport!

WHAT DID I WEAR: Comfy clothes again! My love for oversized t-shirts is never ending. I went for a easy going look with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.(Forever21) I added some details with these dream catcher earings(Instagram page) and holographic bag.(Forever21)IMG_9644Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

FOOD: Goa is packed with pretty looking places and cafes! I chose Curlies because in has the authentic Goan vibes. Also, there is a lane called ‘Muslim Khau Gali’ in Khobra Vaddo, which has typical street food including Chicken Kebabs and seekh! I personally loved it there and would recommend it to everyone.IMG_9275IMG_9514

COMING BACK: While coming back, I wore one of those dhoti pants I brought from the market there itself. My flight got delayed by 30mins and I came back home around 2:20am!59C782E9-F28E-46A8-BFB3-C52C77BCA7C0

Styled Cotton Pants two ways ft. Marks&Spencer (Day and Night Look)

Styled Cotton Pants two ways ft. Marks&Spencer (Day and Night Look)


Hi guys, I hope you are doing good. Thanks a lot for taking out time and reading this. It means so much! For the Blog today, I have two important things to share with you all.
1. Why do I feel MarksandSpencer is such a nice brand to shop from.
2. Why these pants from MarksandSpencer is a must have in your wardrobe.



I’m someone who finds happiness in little things. I get excited even if I see a something new. And now that I have a blog, I make sure I share it with you all.
If you are a plus size, you are totally going to understand the situation I’m about to describe:
Everytime while I’m in a store (say FOREVER21 where everything is scattered and I’d give 0 points for visual merchandising), I move around and find something which is pretty, but it happens to be a size ‘S’ or ‘M’. I then try to find my size in the rack which has the same pattern but a lot of times you don’t have the sizes. And that’s when I end up disappointed.
But, when I went to MARKSandSPENCER, I had a comparatively better experience because the sizes were already mentioned on the hangers which had the garments. So rather than looking at a dress and then trying to find my size, I can already check out which garment has my size and then look at the piece. So I don’t end up liking a top which isn’t available in my size. Also, this brand has an extensive plus size collection which is great!



This article here is so necessary for you to read if you are a lazy-ass like me! I got these Brown cotton trousers and just realized how versatile they are. So basically, you can wear them to your office with a shirt or blouse, and they would give you a perfect formal look. And when come back home, if you want to go for a party, trust me you don’t have to change your bottoms! Just put on some glam-chic top, and some makeup on. Imagine the time and energy you save when you don’t even have to bother about what to wear for bottoms?

You can even wear them casually. I’m showing two looks with these pants!
1. LOOK 1-Here I’ve paired the cotton pants with a t-shirt and layered with a patchy shirt! This look has perfect chilled out vibes which is great for outings!


2. LOOK 2- Instafam has already seen this one! I styled the same pants for an event. Wore it along with my classy velvet shirt along with some strappy heels and gold accessories.


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1. Casual Look-
T-Shirt: Lifestyle store
White shirt- Calae
Sun glasses- Vogue Eyewear
Lace Sneakers- Pantaloons
Pants- MarkandSpencer

2. Evening Look
Shirt- Thrifted
Heels- Bandra
Pants- MarkandSpencer

Bodysuit on Curves!

Bodysuit on Curves!


Hi guys, Happy Sunday!! So you all probably know that I was trying to post this story since last 3 days but some or the other thing pops up. But today, I’ve pledged not to do anything else until I post this one. Although, my friend has his Cake Shop’s opening today, but I won’t go unless this is done! (I’m lying, I need cakes!)
OK, so the idea for this blog was, to try out a bodysuit- See if it looks good on me- And then tell you all whether it would work on curves? And I believe it DOES!

ABOUT BODYSUITS: Bodysuit has got a cut like that of a monokini swimsuit, but you wear a bottom over it and it basically gives you a ‘tucked in’ t-shirt’s look. You feel super sleek in it and it’s also comfortable enough, unless you have to pee. Because then you have to open it and it’s kinda weird to me. The one I’m wearing here is in size 2XL.

WHY BODYSUIT: Since bodysuit became a thing, I wanted to try one. Although I wasn’t really sure if I could pull it off. For a time now, I’ve been looking for the right one and finally found this. If you guys have observed my blog closely, you might have notice how most of my FASHION INSPIRATION come from those styles and trends which everybody thinks won’t suit the body type I own. I try to break stereotypes. I believe you should keep on trying stuff which is out of your comfort zoneI don’t ever tuck in my tops because then my bulges look clear! Same is the reason why I don’t wear high-waist denims. But this time, I tried doing both! And the result is pretty good I feel

STYLING THE BODYSUIT: Because I wanted the bodysuit to be the hero of this outfit, I kept rest every thing basic. I know you guys have seen this denim jacket for a thousand times now, but I love it so much! Also, it’s the only oversized denim jacket I own! Paired it with basic black denim and these clear aviator glasses to complete the look. The makeup was all neutral and a little blushing, because Now you know-PINK is my new obsession.

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Until next time,


Bodysuit: StalkBuyLove
Black denim: Altomoda (Pantaloons)
Denim Jacket: GAP
Lacy Sandals : StreetStyleStore
Bag and Glasses: Forever21




Eid Outfit ft. Amydus

Eid Outfit ft. Amydus


Hi Guys, EID MUBARAK to each one of you!! All good wishes and love for you guy!
I really wanted to do this Eid Blog Post before Eid, (Obviously) so you guys could get a little help for your Eid outfits, but if you follow my social media, you’d know how busy the weekend was. But, Better Late Than Never, you guys can still check this style, for some indo-wester inspiration for some occasion anytime soon!
Doing an Indian outfit for Eid, I wanted something that is not completely ethnic, because it’s all raining and some heavy oufit would have been a mess! The idea was to keep it simple yet beautiful! So I decided to settle on an outfit with is more causal and light but still Indian enough for the Day!

And this is what I came up with:

KURTI: I saw this kurti on the Amydus’s website, and I know I had to get it. I felt the style is so me! Being a long straight kurti it is, which I feel are the most comfortable, plus it has cold shoulders which are totally trending.
You can wear it along with a torn denim and with sneakers, it would be such a fun outfit what way too.

PANTS: Earlier I thought I’d go with some palazzo but rains and flowy silhouettes don’t work well together. These maroon pants are again from Amydus and while admiring how perfectly does it match with the kurti,I decided to pair them together. And belive you me, these pants felt like they are tailor made for me, they have such amazing fit and I didn’t even alter the length.
These pants came with a belt so you can just wear them otherwise with a top for a more casual look!

THE BOHO TOUCH: I decided to go with some silver jewellery to add a little shine to the outfit and so added a  silver choker and chain,(although gold would go equally well with this piece of dress, so you can add some golden accessories with this kurti anytime if you want) and I made a braid of the hair! Lately these Kolhapuris are my go-to for every indian outfit and thus completed my look with them.
My makeup is always light but I ditched it for some darker tones for this look! Although I’m a makeup noob, so forgive me if you thing it would have been better! (or much better? May be)
Hope you guys liked  the look, tell me if you want me to do more of Indian looks! I’d love to know from you guys! Comment below, or on Facebook or Instagram


Kurti and pants: Amydus, buy here
Kolhapuri:  Kraftedwithhappiness, see this post
Choker: Instagram pages
Rings: forever21

Asian Paints introduces “Signature Look”

Asian Paints introduces “Signature Look”


So, recently I attended the Asian Paints event. They had their launch of the ‘Signature look’. The new personalised decor has got it’s inspiration from Travel and Adventure, and so they had Kaustubh Khade, Rishab Joshi from Lost Stories and Yeshwant Holkar as their guest speakers! We heard each of their amusing and thrilling travel stories which was so much fun! Also I got to make my own mood book which said my Room decor should be all glamorous!
Here is a little you need to know about the event:

Personalised home décor ideas for Indian consumers with a sense of adventure, wanderlust and the spirit of exploration – in partnership with Peacock Life, The Label Life and Orange Tree.

19 June, 2017, Mumbai: This summer, Asian Paints, India’s leading paint company, is kicking off from the humdrum and venturing into the unknown. Asian Paints introduces the ‘Signature Look’- a décor look carefully curated by Asian Paints’ décor consultants to bring your love for travel into your home and heart. The Signature Décor Solutions service makes it easy for homemakers to paint their memories and stories onto their walls. It allows homemakers to co-create intricately designed, personalised spaces where every décor accessory, furnishing and detail accentuates the mood of the room, using the walls as the perfect canvas to bring travel experiences to life! One can even choose from the many pre-designed artworks on offer. Customers can also paint their bucket lists on their walls and get customized décor recommendations from their Signature décor consultants.
The latest trend in home décor is here – ‘Signature Look’. The launch, themed “The World Homeward” takes you on a journey that breathes fresh air into your lungs and makes you cherish the memories that have made you, you. One such ‘Signature Look’ that has been designed integrates the cultural influence of Portugal on the Indian state of Goa. The effortless integration of these two seemingly contrasting cultures has lent a uniqueness to Goan culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the subcontinent. The resulting décor uses laid back chairs and earthen toned walls to imitate the beach shacks whereas the accessories echo the fluidity and tranquillity of the sea. The space embodies the essence of Goan culture and creates an environment one would love to come home to every day.
The services will be made available exclusively at the Asian Paints Colour Store, Bandra and you can also book a session online or gain more information here.

Speaking on the launch, Rashi Bhartia, Marketing Executive-Retailing, Asian Paints Ltd says, “Every home is the embodiment of the person or family that lives there. It is a place that we all want to be special, where every nook and corner must mean something. And so it is our endeavour to help our consumers do just that! It is with great pride that we launch ‘Signature Look’ for our consumers this season, which gives their travel experiences and ideas a visual representation. Each décor style has been carefully researched and customised in a way that is sure to make their memories permanent in the most personalised way possible.”

About Colour with Asian Paints:
Strategically located in Mumbai and Delhi, our award-winning flagship stores bring to life the journey of creating that perfect home. Walk in to browse through an inspired offering of designs and textures or collaborate with in-store experts to explore the endless possibilities your home has to offer. The Colour store experience is about igniting your inspiration and fuelling your creativity. Just walk into a room set to feel various textures, view finishes for surfaces ranging from walls to wood, enjoy a tête-à- tête with celebrated designers and find your pick of the hottest interior trends. Each of our stores is a hub for events, interactions and activities, décor-themed and otherwise, that allow you to discover, create, explore and engage with us and other people who appreciate the finer things in life. Theme of the month ideas, DIY workshops, expert talks, in-store contests and competitions and consultations with India’s finest designers – these are just some of the events you can enjoy in our space throughout the year.

About the Speakers:

Kaustubh Khade – Kaustubh can best be described as a sport enthusiast. But it is his love for kayaking that has taken him deep into uncharted waters and he thrives on being left to find his footing. Not only has he represented the country at international kayaking tournaments, he also holds the Limca Record for completing a 500kms solo kayaking journey from Mumbai to Goa. To us, a trip from Mumbai to Goa might seem like an invitation to kick back and sip cocktails on the beach. To Kaustubh, it is an invitation to kayak alone, in deep, sea waters. His recent kayaking journey began in Kutch and ended at Kanyakumari. Hear him share his experiences and his love for the water with your feet planted firmly on terra firma.
Yeshwant Holkar – Yeshwant is the co-founder of Umoja – an online platform that curates and develops travel plans for families where loved ones have limited mobility. Yeshwant’s journey of making Indian tourism more accessible for everyone is a heartwarming initiative made even more remarkable when viewed alongside India’s overarching lack of inclusive measures for differently abled people. Umoja has been pivotal in bringing awareness and improving accessibility. Yeshwant has a repertoire of compelling stories and we have an evening to get acquainted with them.
Rishab Joshi from Lost Stories  – Lost Stories is one of the largest music talents of the country. The duo has performed for numerous prestigious stages, including Sunburn and Tomorrowland alongside international artists like DJ Tiesto, Dash Berlin, Boombaba etc. Their musical genius has landed them the title of being India’s leading electronic dance music performers/DJs but they aren’t resting on past accolades.  Their cover of Justin Beiber’s “Sorry” with Armaan Malik clocked over a half million hits on YouTube. They are currently collaborating on new music with numerous national and international artists, which is expected to hit the market soon. Rishab has played for renowned clubs like Knox, Versuz, and Opium in Europe and crazy experiences were par for the course. He is the younger genius of the two and enjoys connecting with people. An evening of swapping travel stories with him will revive the music aficionado in you.

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4 Reasons Why You Should DIY your Denims. Ft Pompom DIY

4 Reasons Why You Should DIY your Denims. Ft Pompom DIY


Hey plumpies, I would never have completed my pompom post unless you guys have really pushed me for it. And I am greatful for it! So, very little time left for the sky to start dripping again! ( I love monsoon) And before the season for wearing whites and colours just flies off, I am finally doing my DIY blog post!
Now that the pictures are already here for you guys,I am not telling you all how you can DIY a pompom denim! That’s easy. Some scissors and glue!! You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to try! What I really want to tell you guys through this post it, WHY you should do such DIYs. And here is why:

A basic denim would cost you ₹1500, but a branded denim with the same pompom thing, would cut a ₹3500 deep hole in your pocket. So a little effort is worth saving ₹2000 bucks!
( Take me out for pizza with the money you just saved.)

You go to a store, see a denim with tiny pompoms costing you ₹3000. But wait! daddy’s spoiled girl want to buy what that model wore in the campaign pictures. Wowww! ₹1000 extra for the campaign look! Now stop, and think! You would get some pompoms for₹100-150. So sit back home and do it exactly like what the pictures show. And honey, you would definitely do better than that piece. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

For me, painting or doing some sort of art is meditation. I feel so good thinking of putting all those pretty colours wherever I want. Try it, you’d feel happy inside when people compliment you for you creativity.

Ask me how? It takes 7000 liters of water to produce one pair on denim. Instead of a high street brand, buy from a vintage shop, buy thrifted, and put up whatever embellishments you want to! Thus, you are saving water, energy and money.YOU GO GIRL!

So, now that you know why you got to DIY your denims, do it more often. Whether it is the for putting up those quirky patches or pompoms or even laces! You can do it all.
Also, tell me how you like this denim I worked on?


This is the same pair of denim you saw me wearing with my fishnet stockings, check it here. I’ve put some laces and some pompoms on it. Because it’s already so colourful, I went for a plain white shirt and tied it around the waist for some summer touch.
Now coming to the pompom slippers; there is a store in Bandra where this old uncle sits, and he puts pompoms on whatever you get him. From denims, to slippers, to slips, to anything. And he charges hardly something. So in case you don’t really want to do this DIY yourself. This uncle is always to your rescue!!!!
To add more of my pompom detailing, I’ve put some pompom pins in my pony tail. And to complete the look I paired these transparent frames which are totally in this season. And finally red lip shade to give the whole look a warmer tone for summer!



Until next time,





Shirt- Local. Get a similar one at ALL
Jeans- DIY
Pompom and laces – Amazon
Pompom hairpins- Blueberry, Koovs
Frames – Forever21
Footwear- DIY (Bandra)