4 Reasons Why You Should DIY your Denims. Ft Pompom DIY



Hey plumpies, I would never have completed my pompom post unless you guys have really pushed me for it. And I am greatful for it! So, very little time left for the sky to start dripping again! ( I love monsoon) And before the season for wearing whites and colours just flies off, I am finally doing my DIY blog post!
Now that the pictures are already here for you guys,I am not telling you all how you can DIY a pompom denim! That’s easy. Some scissors and glue!! You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to try! What I really want to tell you guys through this post it, WHY you should do such DIYs. And here is why:

A basic denim would cost you ₹1500, but a branded denim with the same pompom thing, would cut a ₹3500 deep hole in your pocket. So a little effort is worth saving ₹2000 bucks!
( Take me out for pizza with the money you just saved.)

You go to a store, see a denim with tiny pompoms costing you ₹3000. But wait! daddy’s spoiled girl want to buy what that model wore in the campaign pictures. Wowww! ₹1000 extra for the campaign look! Now stop, and think! You would get some pompoms for₹100-150. So sit back home and do it exactly like what the pictures show. And honey, you would definitely do better than that piece. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

For me, painting or doing some sort of art is meditation. I feel so good thinking of putting all those pretty colours wherever I want. Try it, you’d feel happy inside when people compliment you for you creativity.

Ask me how? It takes 7000 liters of water to produce one pair on denim. Instead of a high street brand, buy from a vintage shop, buy thrifted, and put up whatever embellishments you want to! Thus, you are saving water, energy and money.YOU GO GIRL!

So, now that you know why you got to DIY your denims, do it more often. Whether it is the for putting up those quirky patches or pompoms or even laces! You can do it all.
Also, tell me how you like this denim I worked on?


This is the same pair of denim you saw me wearing with my fishnet stockings, check it here. I’ve put some laces and some pompoms on it. Because it’s already so colourful, I went for a plain white shirt and tied it around the waist for some summer touch.
Now coming to the pompom slippers; there is a store in Bandra where this old uncle sits, and he puts pompoms on whatever you get him. From denims, to slippers, to slips, to anything. And he charges hardly something. So in case you don’t really want to do this DIY yourself. This uncle is always to your rescue!!!!
To add more of my pompom detailing, I’ve put some pompom pins in my pony tail. And to complete the look I paired these transparent frames which are totally in this season. And finally red lip shade to give the whole look a warmer tone for summer!



Until next time,





Shirt- Local. Get a similar one at ALL
Jeans- DIY
Pompom and laces – Amazon
Pompom hairpins- Blueberry, Koovs
Frames – Forever21
Footwear- DIY (Bandra)


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