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IMG_0559Hi guys, how are you all doing? I’m just fine. The summer is hitting me hard, oily skin and pimples is what summer does to me every time.
Never mind. Remember how I was all pumped up for my friend’s wedding in Karnataka? How I told I’ll go and have lots and lots of fun? Much of it, didn’t really happen. Although, to my surprise, Bijapur (District where I stayed) is such an amazing little place! All the monuments throughout the place have ridiculously  poor maintenance, other wise this would definitely be one top tourist attraction in India.
You know, the best thing to do when you are traveling along? Talk to the locals! I was all alone for 6 days, and ran out of 4G (I know, nightmare for a girl alone wandering around a new town).But trust me, the local people there are all so friendly! All the auto drivers I met, every watchman I came across, each kid on the streets, every single shop owner all; of them were such good humans!
I have actually heard from the people that , Bijapur is a place in India where you get the maximum amount of hidden treasures! Like I am not even kidding, but every time a person wants to dig up the land for setting up a hand pump or well, he has to take a cop along with him because they might find gold from anywhere underground and then it becomes the government’s property!

Day 1: I reached early in the morning by 6 and perhaps slept the whole day.

Day 2:
It’s such a magnificent monument, but hardly maintained. Usually when you go Delhi and Agra, you have boards at every point giving a brief description of the area, here there where none! Also hardly any tourist. It has a huge garden and was one of the most peaceful place I have ever visited.

All My outfits for the whole tour were Indian. I planned it that way! So this was a straight long kurti with Palazzo. (see the same palazzo styled as a western outfit here). Tied my hair up in low bun and wore kolhapuri. Thus clubbing a perfect low-key cotton outfit!
Kurti- Local market
Palazzo- Globus
Kolhapuri- Krafted with happiness

Day 3:
Basically the architecture at Bara Kamaz is such that, where ever you stand, at any point within the place, you can see at least 12 Pillars! Totally a long-lost place again!
It was Saturday and also, Sab-e-Barat that day ( Religiously important night for Muslims). I decided to go Jumma masjid, although women are not allowed in a mosque but they didn’t tell me anything while I got in. Obviously they understood I’m a tourist and so might have let me in…maybe. The Mujawar, (care taker of the place) was again a very nice person and he came himself and took me around the Jumma Masjid. There is a huge door like thing on the wall which is fully made of gold, and god knows why much people have never even heard of it!IMG_1095IMG_1060IMG_0959
Wore a Long A-line kurti with leggings in black colour which had patche of colourful prints on the sides. Wearing Black in summer is a courageous decision but it helps hiding the sweat patches on your outfit so I had to!
Kurti- exhibition
Leggings- Global Desi
Heels- Bandra

Day 4:
My friend had her Mehendi function that day and it took me all day to put some on my hands too! The day was so busy I didn’t think of going out anywhere.IMG_1199

Day 5:
The only place in the entire town which is maintained, and has guides available! The place is huge and the architecture is such that when you stand on the top of the tomb and shout something, you can hear your echo 7 times! But while people were making sound and tried hearing it back, they made such weird noises that the whole situation was disturbing! Also to go up there at the top you have to climb 108 big stairs!1E4D499F-C031-4BE1-B4FE-88C0DD333540B187CE26-45E7-42E6-899B-C797130CF4FCFF6E8EBB-0303-43B0-AB2B-32E03FF9422E
This one is a whole three-piece set in solid sky blue colour,which has a floor length  kurti with an inner and leggings, the dupatta is extra I got is just to complete the outfit.
Dress- Bawree
Jhumkas- Jaipur market

DAY 6:
It was the wedding day, and yes the food was good!FB9588E0-D9A9-4360-98E0-E8CFF1523FD567A97D6C-C280-4132-92C4-FA5E563EF4714D700286-D51C-4D5B-BCF1-F21A1893DBEA
Wedding in afternoon don’t really make a good atmosphere to wear lehenga for the day! That’s exactly why I wore this Kamiz and Churidar suit. I got this one a year back for my cousin’s wedding. Gold and blue were pretty much trending last year when I got this outfit and I specially love the neck line of this dress which has pearls on it.
Dress- Aunty’s collection
Heels- Bandra

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