Color block: My take!

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Hi guys, how is everyone? Like tell me for real! I really love when my followers come up and initiate a conversation! I am fine too, just somehow made through the week!  You don’t really feel like doing other stuff when you have exams going on( Yes, I told you I will crib).
There is a story behind this look which I am sharing with you guys, so basically when I went birthday shopping last month ( if you guys remember, February is my birthday month). So while I was just checking out Coverstory collection, my eyes met this frill peplum sheer top. Of course I picked it up without another thought. But when I tried it on and showed it to my mum, she told me one thing which she say everytime when I buy something, and that is,”Again Black?”. So that was the moment I decided to pen down a Color Block post!

  Color block is basically when you add a piece of some solid color on otherwise black/white or subtle outfit making it the center of attraction. Color blocking is really very fun at  times!
And this is how eventually I styled the whole outfit:
 THE TOP: Reason why I decided to do a post with this top are many. Firstly,looking at it from a plus size perspective, because it’s a peplum top, which has frills, the frills cover your belly, making you look flatter on the abdomen.Also, it’s sheer, so totally brezzy for summers! And it is an embroidered patch, so for someone like me who has an eye for details, this is win win top!
THE BOTTOM: Denim with raw hems is so in-trend this season and I had to get one! Also, the fish new stockings is my current obsession! Hence,choosing the bottoms was an easy job!
THE COLOR BLOCK: Because the top had an embroidery in red and pink, I used only those shades for blocking. So, I added that red belly shoes, pink sling, red lipstick, pink acid reflectors and that little bindi for the effect!  For you can even just add one single statement piece in your color block outfit too!
   Just realised, how this tiny bindi on my forehead can give this whole look a passive Indian touch. That’s the beauty of Indian culture! And I am totally loving it
  A STYLE NOTE: Peplum top is really a great option if you want to make your belly less visible, because the silhouette covers the side bulges in a very beautiful way!!
 Shaziya Memon.









Top: Cover/story
Denim: Zara
Fishnet Stocking: SRstore (Instagram)
Belly: Gifted
Sling: Dubai (gifted)

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