Goofing around In a Shirt Dress from LastInch

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Hi plumpies!

Ummm…have you guys noticed, that I particularly greet you’ll saying ‘Plumpies’ mostly when I am writing about a plus size brand and then call you ‘people or friends’ when I write about other stuff? (I just noticed it). Anyway, that was a cue so you guys know what this post is going to be all about.

Just a month into blogging and life is already started to behave differently. I’m a lazy kid and I sit with my laptop only when I study or probably shop! But now it’s like a responsibility on me. I now have people who want to know what I have to say about things. And I know I do not have to disappoint you. After all blogging is something I have always thought of doing.

I am size 13, (Happy and confident about it) and it’s a transitional size I believe. I fit into sizes available at any store, most of the time. But I keep searching brands, which are different and who are in the same vibe as me. The plus size vibe!

LastInch is one such good brand on my radar. While collaborating, I wanted a burnt orange maxi dress, but they wanted me to try this Black shirt dress, reason? It was new in the collection and totally trendy! I couldn’t say no of course.

I am not just talking about my look, but the whole experience with this cool Brand. When I received the dress, the parcel in which it was wrapped had a tag which said, ‘Of course you have a great taste’. For any plus size girl who is never sure about her dressing, this means so much! Reading that gives you a lot of confidence and you feel good instantly.  The quality and fitting takes away all the appreciation at the very first look.

Shirt dresses comes with variety of choices. You can wear them casually, the one which comes with loose fit and have funky prints, OR you have the formal one. A nicely fitted dress in subtle colours, like this one I am wearing. The whole look of this dress was decent and work type.  But my personal style is the opposite.  So, I decided to give this dress a touch of my fashion sense which shouts ‘goofy’ loud!  Because it in a black checker shirt dress, I went for a colourful background to change the entire look, paired a black tie-around choker to add the street style element.  Boot, because now you know I can’t do without them. Duh.  Added these big round glasses which is all about me and adds the fun and cool to this whole look!

The idea is to go against the already set style of the dress which was formal!  Adding some little elements like a glare or putting your hair up in a half bun can change so much for an outfit!

Also, I was thinking, maybe I should style the dress, in It’s original classy way as a semi formal shirt dress for work?  After all it’s such a good piece that writing all again about it won’t be a bad idea!

Check all the latest collection from LastInch, here.img_1398










Dress: LAstInch

Boots: Forever21

Choker: Koovs

Bag: MaxFashionIndia




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