Quirk Up Your Outfit with Calae

Hi plumpies!
     How you doing?
     Just talking about my self a little. You know, though I have thick thighs but still choose to wear denim most of the time. I have a thing for pants and that is majorly seen in my personal style. I mostly go for T-shirts and crop tops with denim and that’s because I do not usually get shirts in my size. If I want to try out a shirt I mostly search my father’s closet and luckily his fashion choices are really good!
    I don’t usually go and search plus size brands because I know I’d get my size there but then I’ll end up sad as they are so simple and simply boring just to fit your size and not actually make plus size clothing interesting. But then finally (drums rolling) I came across this brand Calae which seriously changed my mind about plus size brands. And trust me, it’s too difficult to shake my belief.
   I am so impressed with the collection where they have everything trendy for up to size 24. From tops to shrugs to shirts, you just name it!  And what stole my heart was this white shirt with quirky patches-
  When I received this shirt I was awestruck with the quality, IT WAS GREAT! That was the moment I knew this shirt is going up on my blog! So here is it:
    Because the Shirt has patches,I decided to style a complete quirky look to go with it. Paired it with basic denim and went for these red belly shoes with socks to pump up my quirk game!  Went for smiley earrings and red lips matching with the patches on my shirt. Finished the look with this quirky clutch adding more colors to the outfit.
   Calae has more of quirky designs in tops, shirts and dresses too. And not just that, you should check out this brand for everything in plus!
Lots Of Love,



Shirt- Calae
Denim Jacket- GAP
Clutch- Thatthing
Belly shoes-Chanel
Glasses- Forever21

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