Fishnet Stockings For All!

          Scrolling down through all the winter fashion, digging deep into all possible on going sales, ( end of seasons, stock clearing, new year offers and what not) one thing which I found common in all of those high-end fashion scrap books is this: The Fishnet Stocking! They are the ultimate trend for the season. *Hands down*

It’s probably the most, THE MOST easiest way to transform your outfit from basic to chic,instantly. It’s particularly that one thing which can even make an outfit as casual as a distressed denim and t-shirt all the way look glam!

I had an eye for them since a month but then I really wasn’t sure if I could pull them off because on a serious note I thought my thick thighs would tear these delicate babies apart! But then,Duh. Guess who’s talks about body confidence all the time? I do! So,here is a post doing the fishnet trend and I totally love the results!

Before giving out the outfit’s details, I want to tell all my plumpies that irrespective of your body type, fishnets are flattering on your legs. Pair it with a dress,an oversized sweatshirt or skirts, anything. Just carry it with confidence,and trust me, you’ll steal the show!

Because this post was simply about fishnet and how anyone can try them on, I kept the outfit simple. This black top from Kazo is basically my favorite one. Comfort and fitting on point! That little sequins pocket adds subtle details to it. Paired with neat DIY torn denims which I can live in! Ditched boots for these strappy chunky heels complimenting those stockings!

Lastly because the outfit is so jet black, I didn’t want to pour colors to it, and so painted my lips bold to complete the look.

Thank you guys, tell me if you like the fishnet trend as much as I do. Tag me in your pictures if you try black lips or fishnet stockings, I’d love to see how are you styling it!


Until next time:



Top: Kazo

Denim: (torn:DIY)

Chunky heels: Koovs

Fishnet stockings: SR Store

Dream catcher earring: Instagram

Shades: Koovs

On my lips: NYX


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