Strips and Denim for Starters!

   First of all, thank you for taking an effort and coming up to my blog. 

Writing about fashion is something that always gives me pleasure and now that I’m writing for my own blog…the feeling is great!People who know me, know how much of a body activist I am and how badly I want to  be a part of the change that will someday happen in our society where people will start accepting my idea of Real women -Women with Curves and has a lot of Flaws.

    So, because this is my first post, I wanted to keep my look simple. I feel strips and denim never goes wrong for all sizes and body types! So I went for this monochrome striped tee with a pair of distressed denim. Added this jacket to get into the whole street style look. You know, the good part about denim jackets is that you don’t necessarily have to wear it, you can just tie it around your waist or throw it on your shoulders, like I did it in this post and it instantly adds an edge to your style. And because that’s my casual look, shoes weren’t a deal to think over. I wore these white canvas which probably goes with everything these days. Also, I am an accessory person and for me, that’s something that completes an outfit. Hence I added some of my chunky rings and took this bag from Michael Kors to complete my look. You can even go for a bag pack if you wish, because as  I said, ” strips and denim are good to go with everything”

Until next time!





Jeans – Forever21

Denim jacket –  GAP

Shoes- Vans

Choker- Koovs

Earrings and rings- Instagram

Handbag- Michael Kors


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